Delane Sims (rt) and Myeshia Jefferson (lf) are the owners of Delane's Natural Nail Care.  Myeshia Jefferson is a single mother of a 5 year old son.  She embarked on our Steps to Success program to become an owner and she has accomplished that goal.  Both Myeshia and Delane operate Steps to Success.

Join hands with us as we reach back to help mothers and their children live better lives.  

For ten years, Delane's Natural Nail Care (DNNC) Steps to Success program has informally helped mostly low-income mothers obtain their manicure license to earn a living wage.  We’ve also given them social skills training to improve the quality of their lives and those of their children.  We believe that when more mothers are skilled and financially stable, children are more successful in life and everyone in our society wins! 

Over the years, we have witnessed how our efforts have broken generational cycles of poverty and dysfunction. It is a joy to see!  At the same time, we have seen demand for our program grow.  

We have decided to officially launch and expand Steps to Success in 2017 to meet this growing demand. To fulfill our mission of helping more women to help themselves and their families, we need your support.   You can help in two ways:

  • Give a gift of $35 or more

  • Ask your friends to give $35 or more   

Many hands reaching back can make a real difference to help more women support themselves and their children.   We know: We’ve been doing it for ten years!

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How will these funds be used?

This campaign is the beginning of a year long journey to raise 100k for our program.  However, this start is important to get us up and running, especially in light of all the new applications we have recently received from new participants.

Sending Steps to Success participants to manicure school - $7000 each (this can reach $70,000 for the 10 students enrolled in our program)

Providing infrastructure for Steps to Success by funding operating cost such as: administration, stipends, fees, office supplies, rent, emergency funds for participants -   48,000 (annually)

Creating a website - $5000 - $8000

Classes and resources - We provide etiquette class and other resources that our women need - 10,000 (annually)

While this sample reflects the way funds can and will be used, the funds we hope to raise during this campaign will be an entry point to resources needed and we will apply for grants and find other ways to obtain funding as well.  

We are always open to new opportunities for financial support and will be pleased to receive any suggestions you may offer. 

Thank you so much for being a part of this campaign! You are contributing to the beginnings of a program that has and will continue to improve the lives of women, families and children resulting in a better world for us all! 


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